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Membership Information

Membership Benefits
1. Find Support, Friendship, and Encouragement

  • Foster friendships for you, your children and your spouse! Throughout the year we offer a great variety of events and activities for all age groups, moms, dads and the whole family!
  • Meet experienced homeschoolers and glean valuable information from them.
  • Share struggles with peers that all homeschool families experience and get support & advice from moms who understand

2. Access to all GEH Events & Activities

  • Monthly Great Endeavor Mom’s Nights (GEM nights), group events, the forum and field trips are great opportunities to meet people and learn valuable information from those who have gone before you.
  • Lunch Bunch and Parties
  • Various field trips scheduled throughout the year
  • Showcase Time after each Co-Op semester
  • We will be adding many events in the future. Check out our What We Do for more info.

3. Eligibility to participate in Great Endeavor Academy (pending acceptance and available space in the co-op)

4. Access to GEH membership directory

  • Find fellow members who live in your area via the Google Map feature. You can also sort to find others using similar curriculums or children with similar ages.
  • PLEASE respect the privacy of our members and DO NOT use the directory for solicitation purposes. Anyone violating this policy may have membership and website privileges revoked.

5. Access to the GEH Forum

  • Learn about current homeschooling events, classes, and opportunities
  • Up-to-date information about current curriculum sales and specials
  • Get online support & advice from fellow members regarding curriculum, teaching issues, etc.
  • Stay informed about family activities in Durham and surrounding areas

6. Educator Discount Card

  • Present your GEH membership card as various retailers to receive educator discounts.
  • Visit the Educator Discount tab on the website for more information

7. Ability to view & list items for sale in our Classified Ads

  • Members can sell/trade curriculum, materials, and other items


Membership Dues
Membership dues to Great Endeavor Homeschoolers are $40.00 a year and are paid at the time of registration with GEH.  After January 1st, new members will pay prorated dues of $20.00. Dues are paid per family and provide such privileges as yearly membership for the GEH website, attendance at GEH events, and the opportunity to join field trips. GEH prefers that dues & payments be submitted via PayPal for easier tracking. If necessary, dues can also be paid with cash or check.  Checks can be mailed to 5109 Lansdowne Dr Durham, NC 27712.

GEH is a non-profit organization and our annual dues are used to cover group expenses including but not limited to: website fees, hospitality supplies, guest speakers, facility rental, events, paper, and printing ink. We would never want a family to not participate in our group because the fee is too burdensome. For scholarship availability, please contact a member of the board.

Annual Membership Renewal
GEH membership year begins July 1st and ends June 30th. On July 1st, GEH will reset the membership and the next time members login, they will be redirected to their family profile and will need to update their information. i.e. contact information, child’s grade level, etc.

Membership renewals are to be completed by June 30th.  On July 1st, any remaining ‘parked’ members will be withdrawn from Great Endeavor Homeschoolers and will need to sign up as a new member if they wish to rejoin.

Member Volunteering
All GEH members are expected to make some kind of contribution for the benefit of the group. In an effort to make GEH as successful and fair to our members as possible, we are asking each member to volunteer their time and/or talents at various events, activities and/or duties throughout the year.

We do understand that everyone's situation is different and will not be able to contribute the same, but hope that each member will desire to contribute in some way for the benefit of the group. We love to see how God works through our ministry and memberships to bring many dedicated, talented and creative members to our group.

Activities can be simple and informal like greeting members at meetings, or large and organization-intensive like planning an event; they can be academically oriented, teaching a class, or purely social, coordinating a park day.

There are many ways to contribute your gifts and creativity to Great Endeavor Homeschoolers.

  • Check out our What We Do page on the website to see what opportunities there are.
  • If you have a need for your family that is not readily available, please take the initiative to spread the word and organize a new activity/event. Most likely there are other families within GEH that would benefit from it as well.
  • Teachers and assistants are always welcome in GEH Academy.
  • Scan your BoxTops to the Box Tops app - GEH participates!
  • Contact a member of the board and we will be happy to help you find a place to serve that will use your talents and that you will enjoy.

New to GEH? – If you are new to the group, feeling too overwhelmed to take on another thing, or just a little shy, relax! Take your time getting to know the other families of GEH. If you’re like the rest of us, sooner or later inspiration will strike and you’ll realize there’s a golden opportunity to pass on your hard-won knowledge of basket weaving, Broadway musicals, or taxidermy. :)

Member Participation
To get the most out of your membership with GEH, we encourage members to actively participate in group meetings, various field trips, classes and other offerings. Participating takes planning ahead, so keep an eye on your calendar and pencil us in! We want to members to be a part of the group, not just partake of individual activities our group offers its members. You'll find great friendships and broaden your homeschool experieince as you join us throughout the year!

Only GEH members may sign up to attend field trips. GEH members may bring a friend to an event if it has been indicated on the event sign up or it is approved beforehand by the event coordinator. But the member must purchase all the tickets and be the GEH contact for the visitor. Non-members may not attend a GEH event without their member "sponsor" and cannot purchase or reserve tickets to GEH events under any circumstances. Family and houseguests are welcome anytime. In this case, the member is still the responsible party.

Want to check us out to see if membership is for you?

  • Try us out - Contact Kryssy to see events in which you are welcome to join us for a trial run! (Feel free to confirm with us before arriving to make sure the plan has not changed due to weather or other conflicts.)
  • See the Academy in action - Interested in GEH Academy but want to see it in action? You may contact us to plan a sit-in visit during one of our academy days.
  • Get to know GEH - Please take the time to read through our GEH Handbook so you can better understand the expectations, guidelines, and vision of GEH. Reading and agreeing to the GEH Handbook is required for membership.



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